About Us

The Heliopan filter company was founded in 1949 by Martin Summer in Gräfelfing-Munich

Heliopan has been creating hand-crafted photographic filters for nearly 70 years. Whether for analog or digital photography, we offer a wide assortment of products that often cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each bespoke filter is made exclusively from Schott Glass for superior optical quality and is fitted into brass filter mounts for unparalleled durability.

We believe extraordinary is more than just a word. The perfection we seek and the attention to detail we crave can be found in every filter we make allowing you to produce images of the highest quality. Welcome to Heliopan. Perfecting on perfection since 1949.


Introducing the First-Ever Filter Replacement Warranty!

Things break. And when they do, the cost to replace them is never pleasant. Heliopan UV and Protection Filters are meant to always be on your lens. They help protect your lens from damage. We want to protect you and your investment.We are pleased to offer a one-time replacement warranty for any UV or Protection Filter.


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