Sand Spot Filter

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The Heliopan Sand Spot Filter offers you the opportunity to make a standard portrait into something more endearing and meaningful. This filter is only sharp in the center part of the image. The rest is soft/blurred heading out towards the edge thereby creating a kind of "aura" around your subject. The circular center of the shot draws the attention of the viewer while the softened surroundings create a mood of serenity. It must be noted that the degree of the blurred effect varies with lens focal length and aperture opening. For portraits this is a great choice since it accents your subject in a very flattering way by setting it off from the rest of the frame. It also adds a dreamy, ethereal quality to the image even though the center of the image stay sharp. Use with normal and long lenses. Produces sharp center with a hard or soft transition to a diffuse background.

  • Rugged Black Brass Filter Ring
  • High Quality Schott Glass